Our staff


Susana Miller

Susana is the key figure in today’s tango milonguero style. Her work as a teacher has influenced tango not only in Buenos Aires but also in the world of tango outside of Argentina. As the maestra of other tango teachers, Susana has worked with most of the famous teachers of tango milonguero, and today she continues to train a new generation of professional instructors.


María Plazaola

Maria started dancing tango when she was 16. She took her first steps with Los Dinzel. Four years later she discovered dancing in the milonga, with its rituals and codes and a new stage in her training began.
She was head of the Department of “Estilo” at the Universidad del Tango de Buenos Aires”. Maria has been co-director of La Academia de Tango Milonguero since 2001.


Our team

La Academia implements a program to train teachers and assistants. This program has formed teachers who today are teaching tango milonguero all around the world. The team actively participates in the regular classes of the school, and it consists of people who have been taking part in this training for many years, as well as new people who join every year.

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